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I have been hearing many grievances from people who are supposedly ‘in the know’ before and it gave me a different perception on what is happening in our State. There’s so many talks on dissatisfaction on the political front, especially our leaders and their army. Unfulfilled promises by the people’s representative, better known as YB, below par execution and delivery of projects, unfair treatment, racial disharmony, lack of aid to support the needy, discrediting the Country’s achievement and yes I can go on till kingdom come to spell out all the negative talks that you can find on this earth!My personal opinion after been actually gone to the ground and meeting some of our leaders reflects a different perspective on what the majority needs, and expectation is far from what has been reflected by the minority dissatisfied group, which most are just mere frustrated and having personal agendas. There is nothing that cannot be solve in this world as long as one stays positive. With the availability of social media platform, people tend to voice out their grievances without solid proof nor take the time to study and research the actual scenario. Abuse of the platform has caused more problems in the society rather than finding a solution to resolve them.From the feedback that I gather, the people’s expectation is reasonable but the hype by certain quarters has way surpassed that of the actual needs. Yes there are issues that needs time to resolve and extra effort to be put into. Blame game will not help but action will. Some just merely need a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to their predicament. They know that not all their demand can be solve but they expect one to listen and advise or give them an alternative solution. A representative should not create any barrier with people who has voted them to their position. They have been given the mandate to administer their constituency and trust by the people that they look into what they can to make people have a better life. The ‘office’ has the responsibility to look into their predicament, a platform for them to connect and engage with the people. We have heard excuses after excuses at times given, but one must remember, you’re there to look after your constituency, they want solution and not excuses. When the ‘Generals’ deliver, the ‘army’ must follow suit to ensure team work and commitment, that will translate to high performance. Voices of the people must be heard and felt. Communication is the key factor.This is just my thought on the present scenario, immediate engagement is necessary and give them a sense of belonging and attention before some gets poisoned by the negative feedback from certain quarters. We don’t need change, they want performance, simple. Accept constructive criticism with an open mind and stay positive always. 

By cikzah

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