Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has reminded the people they should realise that the country’s future depends on the social system, values, culture and attitude.He said that stronger social values, culture and attitude would ensure Malaysia’s position as a famous and remarkable nation.“The success of a nation is not determined merely by the number of skyscrapers, basic amenities, hitech factories, increased per capita but in actual fact, we are building a nation, building a civilisation.“When we look from this perspective, then social transformation based on changes in terms of our whole system, values and culture, including attitude, becomes one of the important factors why some countries are more developed than some other countries,” he said at the launching of ‘My Beautiful Malaysia’ at Taman Medan, here yesterday.While acknowledging that the social transformation agenda was not as simple as the government, economic and political transformation which could be seen within a short time, Najib said he was confident that this aspiration would become a reality if the people continued to have strong sentiments and wanted to change from a negative to positive attitude.“We can do all this to achieve what I’m hoping for, that is, self-transformation because when we talk about values and culture, it is something to do with our own self, what is inside us.“If we can absorb this inside our soul, then the Malaysian race will certainly be successful,” he said.Meanwhile, Najib expressed his gratitude to and confidence in the young Malaysians who could be depended upon to move the nation in future.He said if the resources of the young generation could be directed in a constructive and positive manner, Malaysia would certainly achieve a more remarkable and successful development.“Alhamdulillah, the young people in Malaysia are a responsible lot, they have a strong sense of responsibility in that they don’t want to be left out from contributing their role.“They don’t want to do anything that can destroy the country’s future such as staging street demonstrations or defying the country’s law or doing anything that damages the fundamentals of the nation’s success and destroying national solidarity,” he said.Najib also reminded the people not to belittle the country and deny whatever achievements that had been made so far.“Malaysia is certainly beautiful, but we can make Malaysia even more beautiful through the spirit of volunteerism as a catalyst to change,” he said.Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the government had previously launched the ‘Dana Sukarelawan 1Malaysia’ (DRe1M) or the ‘1Malaysia Volunteers Fund’ to assist volunteers throughout the country.He said that a radio station, 1M4U, would also be launched soon that would enable the government to communicate with the youths and had received approval from the Ministry of Information Communication and Culture.“I also hope that 1M4U icons can play a role because they represent a role model to the young generation,” he added.

By cikzah

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