KUCHING: Sarawak has been allocated RM78 million by Election Commission (EC) to prepare for the upcoming 13th general election.Its chairman Tan Sri Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said that Sarawak was given the highest compared to the other states in the country due to its vast and difficult terrains.“The allocation will be used to pay for all the logistic necessities comprising 4,819 four-wheel drive vehicles, 780 boats, 56 speed boats, 27 helicopters and two fixed-wing aircraft in addition to staff allowance and food,” he told a press conference after the presentation of appointment letters to eight NGOs which have been appointed as election observers here yesterday.“The overall allocation for the 13th GE is estimated to be around RM400 million,” he added.Abdul Aziz went on to say that up till Sept last year, the number of registered voters in Sarawak was around 1.1 million and this figure was expected to increase to 1.2 million if registration of voters for the fourth quarter (October to December 2012) was included.“The number of registered voters throughout the country up till September last year is 13.1 million. This is expected to increase to 13.3 million if registration of voters up till Dec 2012 is included.“For those who have not registered, they can do so but whether they qualify to vote in the upcoming polls depends on the date of the dissolution of Parliament,” he said.On postal voter registration for Malaysians living abroad who are not full-time students or civil servants, Abdul Aziz said 1,419 of them had so far applied.“The most number of application is received from Australia followed by United Kingdom, Qatar and the United States,” he said.He also reminded registered voters to check the voter registration list early to check on their details such as polling station and so on.This can be done easily via SMS or online.

By cikzah

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