“It is difficult to accept this kind of thing when it happened all out of a sudden and it was unexpected. However, considering his commitment and responsibility in safeguarding the security of the nation and believing that it was all fated, there’s nothing much we can do but to accept the misfortune with an open heart,” she said.Inat, 62, when met at their residence in Kampung Tebakang Bidayuh near here yesterday, said what really saddened her was that the deceased was her only son who was also the youngest among three siblings.“He is my only son and now he is gone forever. There will be no one for me to turn to for support. All these while he was the one who without fail sent home money for me to buy my daily needs.“He is a faithful and caring son. When he last contacted me end of last month he informed me that he would buy medicine for me to relief my asthma and high blood complications,” she recalled.She said Michael, who was married to Jabah Mingku, an Iban from Kedumpai, Simunjan, and graced with an 11-year-old son, was also a friendly and kind person.“Every time he came back for Gawai holiday he would invite all his friends, most of whom were his former schoolmates for a social gathering and they would usually end up with karaoke sessions.“He had many friends. Males and females who come from various races and I believe they also will miss him,” she said.Michael’s remains arrived at the Kuching International Airport (KIA) around 5.30pm yesterday.According to her, they planned to hold the burial tomorrow (Wednesday) at the village cemetery around noon.Meanwhile, the late Michael’s brother-in-law Casimir Francis, 46, when met by reporters yesterday, said the last time he spoke with the deceased was last Wednesday.“He called me from Sabah saying that he would be rather busy because he was involved in a special mission and the last word from him before hanging up was telling me to pray for him.“A few of his close friends and relatives also received SMS messages from him, also asking them to pray for him but no one suspected anything amiss until Sunday evening when the news reached us saying that he was among those shot by the intruders in Semporna on Saturday,” he said.Casimir, who is married to the deceased’s eldest sister Vivian Padel, said the last time he met the late Michael was during Gawai Dayak celebration last year.“Usually they will only return for holiday during Gawai and this would be the chance for us to meet each other,” he said, adding that since he was posted to Kunak and transferred to Tawau upon his promotion to ASP last year, Michael and his family had returned to the state only once a year.Meanwhile, the quiet and gloomy atmosphere at the deceased’s residence yesterday changed suddenly when his in-law’s family from Simunjan arrived at about 2.20pm.His father-in-law Mingku Sitam, 56, in particular, apparently was unable to control himself and as soon as they arrived he broke down and yelled aloud while holding and kissing the deceased’s  photograph.




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